Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I love my job! (and I'm tired)

The week following the retreat has been a busy one getting back to work at the Gammill. There really isn't anywhere else I'd rather be right now, my studio is the Zen center of my universe. The third photo below is of a tee shirt quilt I made for a customer. That took a couple of days to do, but turned out really special.
Customer quilts roll off the machine and into their owner's homes, leaving me to bask in the happiness my work gives them. What could be better? Oooo, grandkids coming to visit, maybe... That's coming up in a month and I am stoked to get through loads of quilts so we can spend some fun times together.Until then, enjoy seeing the fruits of my labor, and I hope you get inspired to sit down and sew something!

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