Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Work, work, play!

Making progress on the quilt line, and having some fun at the end of the day, too. Maybe tomorrow or Thursday I will be able to post a picture of my zig zag quilt top! Plus, my husband finally made up his mind and we are getting him a Gammill of his own. It will be here July 17th and he is like a kid on Christmas Eve...
It may not look like much work, but consider this; I quilted three of the pieced flowers with the yellow centers quilt. I just didn't put up pictures of all of them, as they have identical quilting. My friend made them for her siblings using her mother's clothes. What a nice memory quilt. I have a Christmas quilt on the machine right now, but it isn't finished so you won't see it here.
This one is a king sized beauty! Took all day to do.

 Quilt #1 from Mom's clothes. I did two more just like it.

 Happy pumpkin quilt with dancing pumpkins quilting!

Tomorrow is Nifty Fifty sewing club and I plan to make headway on my nephew's quilt. I will be using the Off Track pattern again. Stay tuned, though, because it will be totally different from the first cheerfully colored one. Until then, happy quilting!

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