Thursday, July 5, 2012

dogs, dogs, dogs, quilts!

We are doggie sitting for our friends and now have four lovelies running around and barking. So far, there is peace in the house; all the dogs seem happy to be together. In the midst if it all, I was able to get in some quilting time, too.
The little orange and blue quilt is made from leftover parts from another class project. I just sewed 'em up and got'er done! Teddy and Toby thought they should help with the picture. Molly isn't sure what to think about the whole situation, and Skipper just lays low.
Toby thinks he should help with dinner

Toby and Teddy keep Molly on her toes

Everyone monitors the foot traffic outside

Toby guards the toy he likes best

My quilty dog, Molly

Oh you guys!!!

Hubby helps out for the photo

A peek at the back
Back to work!

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