Sunday, July 1, 2012

Finished class quilt

Huzzah! I finished the quilt from my class and am planning the one for the next class on July 10th. Then, it was time for work. I managed to crank out four customer quilts in a marathon quilting session, but now my back is screaming. It's taking longer than I expected to completely recover from the break, but I'm doing okay. Meanwhile, enjoy some pictures of pretty quilts!
My class quilt, washed and ready to go!

Free motion swirly quilting

A peek at the backing. 

Twin map quilts for a customer

Free motion 'dwirling' quilting, by me.

panto quilting by the new quilter...Tim!

Customer 4 to 9 quilt

A look at the backing

Can you see the flowers in the quilting?

Cute, cute customer baby quilt

Popcorn panto

Second cute baby quilt

Free motion bubble quilting

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