Thursday, October 11, 2012

Quick quilt for a kind girl

When I went to Arizona I got a raging case of vertigo. It was so bad, I couldn't walk around without vomiting and swerving into the wall. The catch was, I was supposed to drive my daughter to Tucson for ankle surgery. Fortunately, she has a wonderful friend, Jamie, who dropped everything and drove both of us to Tucson; Amy went to the VA for her surgery (I waited in the car...couldn't walk) and then took me to the Urgent Care Clinic to get some relief for the vertigo. Jamie was calling and texting back and forth from the hospital to the clinic and keeping up on our progress. After Amy's surgery and recovery, she came and picked me up, took my prescriptions to the pharmacy and then drove both of us home. Well, that girl had to have a quilt!! I asked her what her favorite color was, and purple won out. Here are a few pics of the quilt I made when I got home. It has been sent, label and all; plus, I am 100% better! Amy, on the other hand, has four more weeks in a cast. Sometimes there isn't a totally happy ending, but that's life.
Jamie's quilt, from the pattern Boxed Squares on website
Flowery quilting

I love the batik backing

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