Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend winding down

I'm happy to be humming along with the backlog of quilts, and am feeling good about my progress. Three more done and I'm ready for tomorrow's projects. Sometimes I think maybe I should cut back on the customer quilting, but it gives me such a feeling of accomplishment and joy, I know I should keep on quilting. So I will!
I did take Sunday off for my own quilting, and have my latest project well under way. I'll share it when it is farther along. Until then, enjoy the fruits of Saturday's labor!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Well, it was inevitable...Leo has charmed Sewphie and they are now kibbutzing behind the Gammill and sharing stories. He never looks happy, but I can tell he has made a friend for life. Poor guy has been alone since his 'birth' back in the 80's when my sister-in-law made him for us. I'm glad he finally has a companion.
On Friday, after guild, some of us went to Fort Myers for their show. My friend Diane Kline won best of show for her stunning radiating star quilt. It was a bit dark in the venue, but the quilts lit the darkness with their beauty. Here are a couple of my favorites. Now, back to the machine and more quilting for the shows coming up!