Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Glub, glub, glub....

It was an adventure getting to the class I was teaching today; the roads all around the church were flooded and really hard to see and drive on. I passed through the water at a slow speed, but really had butterflies in my stomach while doing it. Now I know just how dumb people can be. . .because I am dumb! Four students didn't make it; three were riding together and had to turn back after the city closed the road. Those of us who did make it to the church were hoping we didn't have to stay there!!(Just how far can one sack lunch go?)
Everyone settled in and  worked happily on their quilt blocks, and by 3:30 the water had receded enough to drive home. I was so involved with the class that I forgot to take pictures , but I did snap these as I drove home through the water still over the road.

                                         This is the corner the church is on.
This road looks much better here than it did this morning! At least I could see the road!

This is actually a ditch behind a mobile home park next to the road. Today, it was over the road and several inches deep in water.

No thank you, Debbie! Get the heck out of Florida!!