Saturday, July 21, 2012

Where I Sew!

On the Pink Chalk site they are having sewing space show and tell all month. It is a lot of fun to peek into other people's spaces and see how they have their sewing areas set up. The link to Pink Chalk is here on my blog if you care to take a look.
Meanwhile, here is my studio on a tidy day (one in a million) and before the second Gammill was introduced Enjoy the tour!

My studio as seen from my kitchen

Aunt Sewphie and Uncle Leo keep watch over the sewing

My Gammill takes up a huge part of the room, as does the cutting table

The view to the sewing area from the Gammill

Behind the Gammill, I store thread and batting. Pantograph storage is at the end of the Gammill.

Here is the sewing space. Believe me, it is NEVER this tidy!!

Books and the nifty notion cabinet.(white drawers next to the bookcase) My hubby got the drawers free and I painted them white and added captions in the slots for what is in each drawer. I love it!

The bulk of my stash is rolled and stored this way. I like that I can pull a fabric, use some, roll it again and put it right back without everything tumbling out. These shelves are for 1/2 yard or more.

Smaller cuts of fabric are stored in bins and drawers.

This is my "sitck". I made it for a guild challenge where we were given a fat quarter and had to make something. Two ladies were eyeing it up at the final judging for a prize, and one asked,"What is it?..." The other replied, "It's a stick!" I was standing close by and heard the exchange and chuckled. It is indeed a stick! I love it!!

Aaaah! Music. I have to have it all day long.

From the Gammill into the kitchen and the living room beyond. Makes it easy to hear the oven timer go off!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The machine has arrived!

The big day came and Tim got his Gammill. Every man toy has to have 'some assembly required' and this was no exception. After a few hours it was all set up, the dealer out the door and Tim left standing there staring at the behemoth in the kitchen and wondering if he had lost his mind. Then we got to work!
Here below, you can see Tim hard at work and his finished quilt. He did two more small charity quilts today and finally admitted that quilting is work! Thankfully, he is more comfortable on his own and asking less questions and quilting more. I finished the custom piano quilt today and have tomorrow's quilt loaded and ready to go in the morning. This truly is a great job!!

Tim starts his first project

threading the needle may be the hardest part

Off to the races!

Quilt number 2

Number 1 all done!

The customer Piano quilt