Monday, July 23, 2012

Kids, rain and work

The grandkids got in the pool early today because of the forecast for afternoon thunderstorms. Sure enough, big boomers and electricity flutters started at noon, so the activity came inside and everyone found something to amuse themselves with. My grandson discovered my Snood game on the computer and had gobs of fun there. The girls engaged in girl talk and loads of giggling. Then Auntie Anne moderated some games of Po-Ke-No until the rain passed us. 
Meanwhile, I quilted on customer quilts as well as one small one for my sister. She sewed a bit today too, and finished another quilt top! My goodness, she's fast!

My sister's quilt

quilting detail

The back of my sister's quilt

Customer quilt (sorry, the quilt is sideways)

Quilting detail, puffy batt!

More detail

Second customer quilt

Quilt detail

Hard to see, but it is quilted!
My sister's new quilt top. And her feet!

More work!!

The grandkids got here okay and now the house is alive with activity!! Thank Heaven we have a pool...except this is Florida, and it we have a thunderstorm every day in the summer. RATS! After a quick Walmart run for Legos and a movie, all was well. And who doesn't love pigs in blankets, mac and cheese and a big salad for dinner?...
Enjoy the quilts while I go to bed and recover for tomorrow!
Nice use of a jelly roll! My sister is the customer, good job!

I love this customer quilt! I need to make one..

Low custom customer quilt.