Sunday, September 23, 2012

A sad day at Wazoo.

Today started like every other day, quilting and listening to music. But it wasn't to be a happy day; our old dog, Skipper had a stroke. We bustled him off to the emergency dog hospital, but there was nothing to be done. We had him put to sleep. Skipper was a really sweet tempered dog who rarely barked and loved to 'blow his nose' by tearing up tissues from the trash. He and Molly got along well, and she laid next to him when he was crying after having the stroke and not being able to get his legs to work. We'll all miss him.
Skipper and Molly, when she first came home with us.

Two dogs always together

Skip and Molly 'sharing' my foot rest

Skip, wishing he could get his tongue all the way to the bowl!

Quilts, quilts, and laundry

Both Mr. and Mrs. Wazoo were busy this week quilting all day and eating late suppers. Tim is really getting into his new role and thinks he is ready to make a quilt! No problem finding fabric! I practically have my own shop here.
I am off to Arizona to take care of my daughter and the two kids following her achilles surgery next Tuesday. I haven't been to her place there, so it will be an adventure for me. Tim will hold the fort while I'm away, quilting and dog sitting.
Here are a few of this past week's customer projects. I'll see you when I get back!
Another tee shirt quilt from Carole's quilts

She does a great job with her customer's memorabilia. I like quilting them!

Carole's quilts again. This one has blocks from tee shirts and pieced blocks from!

Even the back had blocks!

Mr. Wazoo did this one

Isn't that a fun back!?

I finished this quilt for the daughter of a deceased quilter friend of mine. It is for my late friend's great-grandson. A wonderful legacy from a sweet lady.

A peek at the back.

I wish the picture was better. This is a McKenna Ryan quilt done by a customer. It took three full days to quilt. Thinking of how to do it took another day...I'm slow that way.

There are hundreds of tiny pieces in the quilt, all sewn down with decorative stitching. Wow!

Some of the background fill.

I love this little frog

The bird blocks are wonderful to study

Quilting in the open spaces...and there were loads of them.