Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Having a wonderful time...wish you were here

Everyone has to have a day off for a bit of a lark now and again, and ours was a wonderful trip to Tampa to check out Ikea. We needed some cabinets for the dining room and had scoped out the catalog front to back. Tim and I dropped off Molly for a play date with her doggy friends Teddy and Toby and headed off on an adventure. Ikea is huge! We spent the day marveling at the stuff there and the low prices, before settling on three cabinets, a dining room table and a desk for me to sew on. I wish you all could have come along; it's a great place.
Back at home, I did some catching up with sewing projects that are due soon like the guild brown bag challenge and the other guild's movie challenge. I wish I could show you now, but it may be your fabric that was in my brown bag, and I don't want to spoil the surprise for you. As for the movie might have time to guess what mine depicts before the guild I won't show that to you, either! Next month, it will be revealed. I promise.
Meanwhile, Tim kept up the pace with his quilting, and the fruit of his labor is shown in the pictures.
I really wish you were here to see how well he is doing, and how happy he is to set his own work schedule! 'Retirement' is turning out to be the best job we ever had.

Bed runner for a customer

Customer quilt

Seashell quilting

One of my sister's quilts...many more to do!
I'm working on my movie challenge quilt here
Oh yes, I also made my sample project quilt for the November retreat!
quilting detail
pretty backing