Friday, November 23, 2012

Better picture of the Craftsy quilt top

Okay, I promised I would take a better picture today, and this is as good as it is gonna get. Mr. Wazoo doesn't like to keep holding up quilts for me, especially when he has to get on a ladder to do it!
Now all I need to do is finish the customer quilt on my Gammill and get packed for the retreat.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Mr. Wazoo and I had a quiet Thanksgiving at home enjoying lounging around with coffee watching the Macy's parade and doing a little sewing. We ordered our dinner from Publix and picked it up yesterday afternoon. A big box of goodies, to be sure, but lacking any vegetable or rolls. While the whole shebang was cooking, I sewed the sashings for my Craftsy block of the month quilt. After steaming some broccoli and making crescent rolls, we ate in our 'new' snazzy Ikea dining room with a table cloth and everything!
Mr. Wazoo ready for dinner

Thanks to Ikea and a do-it-yourself hubby, we have a real dining room!

With the longarm in the background, idle for now, it's time to eat!

My Craftsy BOM quilt. I will take a photo in natural light tomorrow. The fluorescent lights make the colors look harsh and off.
After the dishes were done, I set to work on the quilt and just finished putting on the borders. Time for pumpkin pecan pie (my own, and quite yummy), another glass of smooth Chardonay, and my nightly Christmas flick on the Hallmark channel. I think it was a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for our bounty that I plan to go to bed early and sleep, sleep, sleep! No black Friday mania here, only the zen of a peaceful day with my husband and puppy.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Night at the Movies challenge

Hey, I forgot to show you the quilt I made for the guild challenge. The rules were that your quilt had to depict a movie. People then saw the quilts and guessed what the movies were. I won a gift certificate to a quilt shop for guessing the most movies correctly (shows you what I do in my spare time...). Can you guess what movie I depicted in my entry? If you get stumped, look at the bottom of the previous blog entry for the answer.
close up

Entire quilt

Quilting for kind hosts and our customers

Mr.Wazoo and I recently took a trip to Texas to see my folks and stayed in the home of some gracious snowbirds who were 'up-north' for the summer. They didn't know us at all, but offered their home just steps away from my Mom and Dad's little house. It was wonderful to have our own space and not feel like interlopers on my folk's privacy. So what do you do to thank kind people like that? Make them a quilt, of course! I used fabric that would go with their living room colors and decor, and chose the BQ2 pattern. It went together in a snap and Mr.Wazoo did the quilting. I think it turned out quite nice!
Last week we were busy doing quilts for people going north for the holidays, and getting caught up on the line of quilts in the back room. I love having the man here working; he is really making a dent in the backlog of projects.
Quilt for Keith and Judy

quilted by Mr. Wazoo

I quilted this one; oodles of flamingoes!

I quilted this Christmas quilt

Mr.Wazoo again

He did this one, too.

Me again. This is a pretty quilt with hand embroidery

I quilted this humongous quilt; it took three days!

a bit of detail

Mr.Wazoo did the edge to edge...

And I did the custom part! A great team effort.
Now, we're taking a breather for Thanksgiving Day to enjoy some quiet time and give thanks for our family, friends and wonderful life. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!
*Gone With The Wind

Tuesday, November 20, 2012