Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Finishing up some UFOs

I have had at least thirty quilt tops done and waiting for quilting for a while now, and I decided to sneak them in when I finish a customer quilt. If I have a couple of hours left in the work day, I will get a top on the frame and go to it quilting. Then I get to enjoy the zen of binding in the evening. I sleep really well after doing a long binding sew before turning in, like some people who read until the book hits their face before turning out the light...ask me how I know this. The quilt never hits my face, but I get the same slowing down feeling as when I read a couple of chapters in a good book. As you can see, I have been sleeping well lately! Enjoy the finished quilts; just try to stay awake!
pastel boxed squares

free motion feather meander

what's on the back?


I love this panto, Vertigo

Pieced back and the binding

love this back!

got the binding on this one from an earlier blog entry

Oh dear! I didn't see the piecing mistake until I shot the picture!!!
The quilt is from a pattern in Big Block Quilts book

backing and binding

Veteran's quilt with starry quilting

Vet quilt

two hospice signature quilts

corner of a Kaffe Fassett boxed square quilt

I love this fabric! This color is right

Not the right color, but the quilting shows up well.

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