Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mr.WAZOO, Employee of the month!

I have been busy going to quilt shows and Mr. Wazoo has been holding down the fort and quilting happily. I am so impressed, I made him employee of the month! Of course, he is the only employee I have, but he is the best darn worker I have ever seen.  I have such a huge quilt on the frame now, I am sure it will take a week at least. The upside is that it is out of this world beautiful, and fun to work on. Stay tuned for the results. Here is last week's output from Wazoo.
Mr.Wazoo did this

and this

yup! this, too

I did this one

and this one, too

some detail

Mr. did the center and I did the borders

I did this giant one

Some detail

Another great Carole's Quilts project

this one, too. I quilted both

Mr Wazoo quilted this

and he did this, too

A Carole's Quilts memory quilt made of a child's clothes

a look at the back

I quilted cars and other vehicles in the yellow squares

Hubby's work, again

there were three of these. Tim did the centers and I did the borders

Mr. Wazoo did this

Me again. A rush job for a baby on the way.

the third quilt with Bible verses

Tim again

Isn't this lovely?! I totally enjoyed working on it

a bit of the detail

One of the panels

Here's the pieced back

Oh all right! I just love the thing!!

Tim quilted this as his last work today.