Friday, May 17, 2013

Wichita, too!

We are into the last day, and I have one more class to go and I am getting a bit tired. Of course, the vendor shopping may have played a part in the fatigue, but I can't be sure...
The auction last night was funny-weird! Kimmy Brunner and the auctioneer ran everything smoothly and the quilts went from $125 to $1500! We kept our hands folded in our laps so as not to spend any of our shopping cash accidentally.
I went through the show and saw my quilts there. It was a proud moment, even though neither one took a prize. The competition here is so stiff, only the best of the best get ribbons. The eye candy was overwhelming. I have posted the best of show here (quilted on a Bernina sit-down machine...YIPES!) as well as a few of the quilts I found to be the most stunning.
Tomorrow, we head out for Greenville, SC by way of Tupelo, MS to see Mr Wazoo's family and to present the youngsters with an eye spy quilt. It's kind of sad to go, but we do have customer quilts waiting for us in Florida!
Here is a peek at some of the highlights from the show.
Best of Show, done on a Bernina home sewing machine

Fabulous quilting

too bad the crystals don't show up here

Simple free pattern on Moda Bake Shop with unbelievable quilting

Gina Perkes wonderful pictorial quilt

face detail

Wonderful traditional quilt with truly stupendous quilting

I L-O-V-E this border treatment!!!

Mr Wazoo takes in the splendor

another Kathy Wiggins teaching quilt for her students. 

all the hand embroidery  added to the details of the fairies in the picture

This won an award for the subject matter; Daddy coming home.

Hey! That's MINE!! Thanks to my friend Dori for letting me borrow it for the show.

Claudia Pfeill hamming it up in front of her award winning quilt

Detail from the basket quilt

I love this quilt. Traditional, but still contemporay
Mr Wazoo comparing my quilting to the really wonderful stuff. No contest!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

MQS Wichita!!

I am sitting in the lobby writing this because the hotel is too tight to have wi-fi in the rooms. It is $2.50/day to have the privilege of computing in one's jammies. Oh well, I will sit here and tell you all about it while the hotel buzzes around me.
The hotel is right on the Arkansas river and it is a wonderful place to walk and relax after a day of quilting classes. I had a class with Claudia Pfeill today, and she is wonderful. I can't wait to get home and practice so I can begin to use the new motifs and border treatments I learned.
Mr Wazoo has had three classes with Linda Taylor, and is now her pet student. She gives a coffee mug to each student who takes her class, so he has quite a set going! One more and we can have guests in for coffee and cookies.
Wichita is a clean and pretty city, quite pedestrian friendly. I have walked along the riverfront each evening so far; wonderful!! It is about 80 degrees and NO humidity!!! Eat your heart out, Florida.
Golly Moses!! A giant just walked past me here in the lobby!! No kidding, he must be over 7 feet tall!!
On that bizarre note, I think I will call it a day and go to my room and veg out with a glass of wine and some chocolate before turning out the light.
More to come!!
OMG!! Two more giant guys just came in...does Wichita have a basketball team I don't know about? Lordy, I need that drink...and bed. ;0)
Claudia Pfeill teaching class

Claudia demonstrates how to do a border treatment

Mr Wazoo by the cool bridge over the Arkansas river

Our hotel

View from the river walk