Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Great quilting day!

I set to work right away early this morning and by 6pm had all 140 blocks quilted!! Some of them stumped me at first, but the ideas came and the quilting progressed well. A half hour with the heating pad at lunchtime was the only pain control needed. My back is feeling better and I am happy that I didn't have to take pills today. I hope tomorrow goes as well. I may get the lion's share of the borders and sashing done.
Here are a couple of pics of the blocks. The photos aren't too good, but you get the idea.
Off to bed, and dreams of quilting!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Beautiful quilt in progress

I am working on a stunning quilt made by a friend in Venice, FL who now is not able to see well enough to continue piecing quilts. What a loss for the quilting community! Her quilts are always beautiful works of needle art and testaments to the quilters who preceded us. This one has 140 different blocks, each one is six inches square. Yowza!! Some of the pieces are really tiny, but all are perfect. No corners cut off or wonky square shapes...perfect. The applique blocks are equally wonderful, some done with machine, but most with invisible hand stitching. Her choice of fabrics is calm and sophisticated, using mostly Civil War reproductions. I just had to share it.
I finished the stitch in the ditch today and will venture into the free motion quilting tomorrow. I plan to repeat the same simple pattern in each block so the quilting doesn't overpower the wonderful blocks. I am not sure about the sashing treatment yet, but it will come to me, I'm sure.
My back is doing better today after a good and restful night's sleep. I sure don't plan to over-do it with the quilting. Four or five hours at the machine is the limit. Oh well, I got a bunch done today, so I am happy.
Mr Wazoo is struggling through a tee shirt quilt that isn't very well stabilized so it is somewhat wobbly and stretchy. The customer had never made one before. She did a pretty good job, but the quilter has his work cut out for him. I have every confidence he'll do it well.
Gotta go get some supper going...Somebody found fresh sweet corn at the market and he wants it for his supper. Mmmm, me, too!
some of the blocks

that's a quarter laying on the block

even tinier pieces

more blocks

aren't they wonderful?!
the mister is working this one