Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sat down and laid up

The surgery went well and I am now in recovery mode. I am so glad I have never been a bored housewife...daytime TV sucks! I have watched two movies and started viewing the series Vera on Netflix. Mr Wazoo is holding down the fort, cooking (?) doing dishes, and quilting. Molly doesn't understand why the big black thing is taking up her spot in my chair. Relegated to the sofa, she sleeps when I sit and goes along whenever nature calls and I have to get up. She steers a wide berth around the walker...it's pretty scary.There hasn't been a bit of pain. Better living through chemistry! Rehab starts Thursday, so I am taking it easy until then.
Tomorrow is Nifty Fifty and I think I will be sitting with my feet up making hexies. Sounds good!
Until then, here's what I can do with a cell phone and hours to waste.
Molly keeping me company

Big Black. My MD put his initials on my knee so he wouldn't mess up. Just some bandaids now!

Hmmm, Giada makes pizza. Okay.

During the pizza segment, I fell asleep. Oh well, it looked good. Molly never moved.