Friday, September 27, 2013

My favorite quilt link party

I was reading one of my fave blogs (Nifty Quilts) and she linked up with Molly Flanders Makerie  for a show your favorite quilt blog entry. So here is my favorite quilt. I made it from a pattern in Sandy Bonsib's Sweet Treat book and added the applique to the border for a little extra punch. It was definitely my favorite to make and show.
Thanks to Mary for the opportunity to show it to you.
On the home front, my back surgery went well and I hope to be back at the machine next week.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Yippee!! Raffle quilt finished!

I finished the guild raffle quilt at 7PM and I am so tired!! Yesterday and today were 8 hour days, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were 6 hour days and Friday was a four hour day. This doesn't include breaks and is all quilting time. Yipes! I am so happy to have it off the rack and ready to go to the binding person.
I have Monday and Tuesday to prepare for my class and trunk show in Venice, all day Wednesday I will be there, Thursday evening is my other guild, and then Friday I will be off to the out-patient surgery place to have my back fixed. I think next weekend will be a wash out, but Monday I plan to be back at the machine for at least a couple of hours.
As for the raffle quilt; it turned out very pretty. It will be displayed, sent to quilt shows, and used for fund raising in local trade shows for the next year and a half. The show and drawing for the quilt isn't until February 2015. I'll blog about it when there are tickets to be had. I suppose it will be the standard one ticket for a dollar or six for five dollars.
Now, sit back and look at the finished product.
The quilt is king size, and features beach scenes done with machine embroidery

The inner border is pinwheel blocks, with background squares quilted with pinwheels

The central wedding ring area and the outer border have arcs of feathers with two sizes of piano key quilting treatments in the background

Each corner of the central area has a seaside motif in the quilting

The colored squares have a pinwheel feather in the quilting

another corner motif

The outer border

A look at the back