Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013 Wrap Up of Quilts

Here are the quilts I made in 2013 that had their pictures taken. I know there are more, but I made them for gifts and sent them off without taking a photo :o(. Oh well, the recipients know I made them! Now, on to 2014!
Retreat sample

Retreat sample

gifted away

retreat quilt, gifted away

show quilt. Won first place in its category and best longarm quilting!

another retreat sample

My brown bag challenge, given to the fabric owner

UFO finished and will be in a show

this is the quilt I am holding in an above photo, with it's ribbons on!

charity quilt

another charity quilt

you guessed it, charity quilt

yup, charity again

another charity quilt

I was really focused and did all these charity quilts in two days!

my favorite pattern for a quick charity quilt, Warm Wishes

same pattern, different quilt

same pattern again

easy strippy charity quilt

all 10 quilts together, quilted and bound. All gone to little kids in Head Start

gift quilt

gift quilt

Liberty of London quilt! A retreat sample

BQ2 quilt for a gift

charity quilt...big piecing error!!! Oops!

Veteran's quilt, gifted away

Hospice signature quilts, given away

I kept this one for the trundle bed.

charity quilt

retreat sample

Table runner  for grab bag  gift at my guild's Christmas party

retreat project quilt made in another colorway

charity quilt

charity quilt

Birthday gift for a grandson

Wall hanging for another guild Christmas party gift. I belong to 3 guilds!!

You've Got Mail quilt from Jenny Doan tutorial

Christmas gift for daughter's friend.(I mad a matching pillow, too)

Christmas quilt for my son

Seminole patchwork quilt for an up-coming show

class sample from my On point class

Christmas gift for my Mother-in- law