Monday, December 29, 2014

Rain and fog on the mountain

It has been rainy and foggy for a couple of days here, giving us a good reason to stay indoors and paint, hang pictures and continue to unpack.The guest room is almost finished; all it lacks are window treatments. I ordered some valances, and the rep from Home Depot is coming soon to measure for blinds. Yippee! One room done!
The black blob ruining the window view is Tim's new has been moved!

Don't fret! The peeing dog outside the door is made of paper mache!

I haven't found the quilts for the rack yet. The box is buried somewhere in the garage.

The view out the window, sans grill!

Christmas day, Molly and I  took off for a short walk up the road. I noticed that I could see the church on Lower Owltown Road! We took a ride one day and passed this wonderful little country church! The nice thing about Winter is the views are enhanced by no leaves on the trees. Oh, and a perch on top of a mountain helps, too.
Can you see it?

Now, can you see it? Pretty small, but the steeple really stands out.

That brings us back to yesterday. With the weather a bit yukky, it was impossible to see the church...or just about anything a mile or more away. I love how every day the view changes. The clouds were hanging low and looked like smoke drifting through the mountains.

'Smoky' looking clouds in the mountains

You can really see it here.
Someone is building this house on our road, and it is absolutely on the edge of a cliff!! That deck sticks out over a really steep drop!! Not my cup of tea, but a nice view...

Home again, home again, jiggly jog. Just before the next rainfall!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas day in Georgia

We made it to Christmas and have about half of our stuff unpacked and put away. Not too bad! Christmas morning was clear and bright, 40 degrees and wonderful. Here is a slideshow of our morning.

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The studio is coming along nicely, the floor is not coming until January 11th according to the shop we bought it at, but the rest is looking good! I'm getting excited and anxious to move all the stuff in there. It's just a dream right now.
Anyhow, I hope all of you out there in blog-land have a great holiday!
Tim's machine in among the boxes

Loads of stuff to put away yet.

My Gammill is just waiting for her place in the studio to be ready

Studio progress. It is 23 ft. wide

The room in the corner is the bathroom. It has a pocket door to save space.

Looking back toward the garage, 31 ft. in depth

The view from where my sewing machine will be.

Lights galore!! And a fan, too. How swanky can you get?

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wazoo Christmas

                                   MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU!
                                                         FROM WE TWO
                                                                       AT WAZOO!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tick tock tick tock...

Two day until Christmas, and we have been sooooo busy! The electrician got all the lights and fan up in the studio, the TV is mounted to the wall, and tomorrow, some of the trim will go on. Yippee!! It is starting to look like a studio.
 The mess in the kitchen is clearing up, too! I can't believe how much stuff I had to put away there. We thought the kitchen had way more storage than the Florida house, but forgot we also had the second pantry closet and garage cabinets to store things in. I'm paring down as I go.
Wahoo! I found my snuggle quilt for the sofa.

Our little bit of Christmas.

This would drive some people nuts, but to me, it is fond memories of people and places I love.

Counter space!!! Cooking here is wonderful.

New washer and dryer.

The little tree is so pretty with just lights and bows on it, I haven't thought of the strung popcorn until now. I guess I will do that when I finish this!
Everybody is pooped after a long day putting away stuff.

Self portrait, relaxing by the fire.

Our living tree.

Molly helping me with the laundry.

More on Christmas. Stay good...Santa is watching!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat...

The move is over and now the unpacking is in full swing. We haven't been able to find the linens for the king size bed, so have slept in the guest queen bed since arriving. Kind of close quarters with a dog and two adults! Tonight, we sleep in our own bed...I broke down and bought a set of sheets for the bigger bed. Merry Christmas to me.
Tim and Mike unload some of the boxes

Molly hung out by the fire. She doesn't feel well.

On the big unloading day, the thermometer said COLD!

Frost on the Honda

We have been sleeping here in the guest room, kind of a tight squeeze.

Molly got her sofa back!

Molly hasn't a clue what's happening. Poor baby follows me around like a shadow. On top of that, she is having a flare up of her colitis and has been barfing and having bloody diarrhea. She seems better today, but is laying low mostly in Tim's or my chairs. It's been a tough couple of weeks for the little girl.
I'm sure you are getting bored to tears with blog posts that don't have quilts in them, so be sharp and find all the quilts in my post. They are the utility quilts we use on our beds and have on hand for chilly nights. I can't wait to get into the studio and get things settled there. Unfortunately, the flooring is on back order and won't be here until the second week of January, throwing a monkey wrench into the works. The walls are done and our contractor is finishing the painting this week. After Christmas, the lights will go up and then everything stops until the floor comes. The bathroom fixtures can't be installed until then, either. Rats!
Sunrise on day 2 of unloading

Tim took a little break to assemble two dining chairs. See any quilts?...

He also put in some rolling wire baskets in the pantry cabinet. Sweet!

Wish I could find the linens...I am tired and the bed looks inviting...

Quilt ladder. I haven't located the bottom one yet.

A little Christmas on the mantle

I got all the computer components hooked up and everything works! Wow!

Well, I am writing this as the sun is setting and Tim is putting some lights on the tree. We got a live blue spruce that we will plant in the yard to remind us of our move here. We have a few red bows for it, too. If I get crafty, I may string some popcorn. Mmmm...where's my hot chocolate?
I'm sleeping here tonight!

Oh dear! I have to fix supper in this chaos.

Our tree. Tim had to run down to the garage to find an extension cord...You'll see it on Christmas!

Back to the mess in the kitchen to fix some supper. Too bad pizza delivery doesn't come out here!
Ta for now!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Goodbye to Florida, and hello to Georgia!

It's hard to see the house empty, but we know the adventure has begun. I think it will take awhile to un-load all the stuff and get it sorted and put away in the new house. I also have the feeling I will be looking for stuff for months after the move!!

Living room




The studio progress is steady and I am so excited to see how it looks with walls! Once the floor is down, we will be able to assemble the machine tables and get the quilting up and going. I figure that part of the studio will be the only thing in there until Tim has time to put together all the Ikea shelves! There will be very little sewing going on for at least a couple of weeks.
My scarf is almost done!

Simple pattern, but still pretty.

I can't believe the Christmas cactus has decided to burst into bloom today, of all days. The flowers are beautiful, but I think too fragile to survive the trip in the truck. Hopefully, some of them will hold off opening until we get there.
My Christmas cactus

I love the delicate flowers and the unusual pink and white color.

Well, it looks like it will be a quiet Christmas next week, as the kid's plans didn't materialize to come visit us. We have had Christmas by ourselves before, but it is never easy. I miss my family most during the holidays, and expect a little weep on Christmas morning. Next year, I plan to have all of them there...I figure I have a year to make it happen, so that will be the project for 2015.
My kids. Next year, WILL be home for Christmas!!
We will be unpacking and will have the turkey dinner as planned, despite not having family to share it with. We have our health and a lovely new home, so its all good.
The next post will be from Georgia! Stay tuned.