Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Some unconnected news bits

We had a blast of a weekend in Sunrise, Florida seeing Paul Simon and Sting in concert together! My daughter got us the tickets for Christmas, and we were stoked to go. The whole evening was awesome; they sang for two hours and 45 minutes without a break!! The weather was perfect, so we parked at a mall across the street from the place and walked over. Saved $30 for parking (yikes!) and got in some stairs and a whole lot of steps for my Fitbit.
Another great surprise, the gals at Holiday park in Englewood sent me some photos of their finished quilt tops! Yippee for you all to have them done! Mine is also done, just have to hand sew the binding down. It always makes me happy to see what students accomplish after class is done. This class of ladies is on fire!
Last, Something I finished yesterday. This was a ho hum quilt for a customer, until I did the quilting! I love it, now.
Now, I had better get to work...quilts to do and time is running out for the snowbirds.
I got the tee shirt with this logo

Paul gestures when he sings...it's funny cool.

The guys together

Hey, he's getting older, but WOW, can he sing!

Sting and Paul

Val's quilt

Betsi's quilt

Judy's quilt

Joanne's quilt

Bernie's quilt
Shirley's quilt
My quilt

The back of my quilt
Customer quilt
Detail of some of the quilting

More detail

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