Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Limping along with the quilting machine

Good old Mr Wazoo fixed my machine enough to try it out on another of my own quilts. There was a lot of thread breakage, but that could be due to me re-adjusting my tensions. Once you mess with the longarm, you have to re-set everything again and tweak it for optimum quilting. I think we're getting there.
After finishing the first one,(orange and green) I put the retreat sample quilt back on with not so good results. I am so frustrated with this I could scream, but what good would screaming do? Today, we will make more adjustments and I will be un-sewing the quilting I put in the blue and white quilt. I am going to try a different backing and see if that helps. My seams are nice and flat, and all the fabrics are regular cotton fabric, so I don't have an idea what could be the problem with this quilt!
At least one of us has a machine in good working order.

Practice quilt

The quilting went along pretty well, except for some thread breakage

I do like the backing fabric

Here it is with it's black and white stripe binding on and finished.

I also got the binding done on this one. (note the blue and white quilt still waiting on the frame)

2 wild and crazy quilts!

and their backings

Ready for some kids to enjoy.

Mr Wazoo (with the beard getting fuzzier by the day) hard at work while I take pictures and blog. Poor fellow.

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