Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Another big quilt and a decision made for the 2016 raffle quilt

This is the week of the giant quilt, I swear it is!! Another quilt done and packed for shipping.
I went to the board meeting for the Disconnected Piecers guild tonight and presented my two quilt ideas for the next raffle quilt. They chose the one I designed with a dresden plate border. I really like the design and can't wait to choose the fabrics for it! Thanks to EQ for finally recognizing us Mac users. It was easy to use. Beats graph paper any day!
This weekend is the retreat for the guild, and I will get a few blocks mocked up to see how they look. I am looking forward to a retreat where I am not in charge of anything! Oooooh! Sewing time, here I come.Mr Wazoo will be holding down the fort with Miss Molly for a few days. It will be fun for them, too. I'll be getting my stuff packed and ready tomorrow. Yippee!

Very pretty Civil War sampler, really huge!

It is so big, it hangs to the floor on both sides of the machine table, which is 4 feet off the ground!

Panto: Rosie

Another wonderful Civil War sampler from the same customer!

Feather meander with piano key border

the back

My design for the raffle quilt, simple but complex at the same time. I can't wait to start!!

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