Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Work and play at Wazoo

Last weekend we took some time to get other things done besides quilting. Sometimes, even us die hard quilters need to do something else to keep our sanity. Mr Wazoo mowed lawns, laid sod and pruned everything in the back yard. You won't catch me outside in the Florida heat digging in the dirt! I am not a gardener at all, but I sure do enjoy the fruits of his labors. We have four pineapples coming on, and they are so cute! Miss Molly chased a bunny all over the back area, in and out of the plantings and finally to the bunny's escape through the space next to the gate. That called for a two hour nap on her part afterward.
My day was filled with the chores nobody likes; cleaning, paying bills and doing the laundry...yuk. When its done, I feel better, but actually doing it is a drag. I'd rather be sewing.
Speaking of sewing, I got to quilt a lovely hand embroidered piece on Sunday and Monday. The customer has to have the best satin stitch I have seen on an embroidered project. Really wonderful.
I finished the zig zag quilt I started at retreat, and made my demo pieces for my talk tonight at guild. I'll be demonstrating the 'world's easiest quilt' that I saw at the Fort Myers show. Fast and easy and just the size needed for our guild's Head Start quilts.
Today, I am back at work and happy to be there. Did I mention, I love my job!?
Customer embroidered quilt

A look at the quilting

One of the beautiful blocks

Border feathers

Do you see all four pineapples?

Here's one!

All neatly trimmed

One of many pots


Molly take a breather

The easiest quilt in the world

Queen Anne's wreath in it's full glory

It reminds me of lilacs bck home in Wisconsin

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