Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bumpy road

Sometimes we have things happen in our lives that make us question what we are doing and why we are doing it. I have had such a week.
After the retreat, it was difficult to get my mojo going for the next quilt. It took several days to finish, but I got it together and finished, thinking it looked fine.

Sometimes, the customer isn't happy. Strike one!

The girls came over and we worked on the applique for the guild raffle quilt. It was a lovely day, full of happy chatter and handwork. The blocks are almost done. The quilt is taking shape!But people felt excluded from the process even though I have asked for help every step of the way. My friend and I were maligned publicly while we were away at the retreat; none the wiser until that happy day at my home, hand sewing with friends on the guild quilt. No chance to set the record right, or defend the way we went about making the quilt. Strike two.

Sometimes I unintentionally ruffle feathers.

All week, Mr Wazoo and I have worked on quilts, fixed things in the house that need fixing to make the house more 'saleable', dealt with contractors and horrible weather (rain, rain, go away!) and pretty much got on each other's nerves. Even Molly got in the act by pooping and peeing on the newly cleaned tiles! Bad doggie! Cooking has suffered...there were raised voices and nasty words.
Strike three, I'm done.
 Bit of a quarrel. We'll be fine. I think we have had way too much stress with the impending yard sale, showing the house and getting ready to move, and all the backbiting from the disgruntled guild members. I'm not done with my work and the date is looming when we will have to leave here. I'm crying over stupid things. I will miss my guilds (at least two of them) the Sebring retreats, Nifty Fifty, Red Hat outings, and mostly, my friends here in Florida who have made this sauna of a state bearable.
So you see, I am not always sweetness and light. I stumble and make mistakes and act like a jerk sometimes; but I am still the Wazoo quilter, and will always have that accomplishment to buoy me up!

On a bright note, My mojo is back and I am in the groove. Quilting continues and I am determined to finish all the quilts in the queue before loading the truck to leave town. Thank you, Mr Wazoo, you're still the butter on my bread.
My project sample for the retreat all finished

Sweet quilt done by the Man

another lovely scripture quilt, done by Mr Wazoo

I loved working on this Christmas embroidered quilt! So fun.

some of the quilting

More quilting

I love the kooky penguin!

Mr Wazoo again

GIANT quilt done by yours truly

Tomorrow is another day and I am raring to start the next customer quilt. Plus, I will be sewing with a friend on Sunday and having a laugh. I hope you all have something to laugh about, and do it often.
A grasshopper walked into a bar and ordered a scotch and soda. The bartender said,"we have a drink named after you", to which the grasshopper replied,"You have a drink named Irving?!"
Happy weekend!

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