Thursday, October 30, 2014

Customer's Modern Sampler finished!

This quilt was a stretch for me, because I don't get too many 'modern' style quilts from customers. The batting is a thinner cotton, so I didn't want the quilting too dense or it would have been stiff instead of soft and drapey. I used a lot of straight line quilting with some swirls and circles to soften the look. There are eight colors of variegated thread on it! I think it looks great, and the customer will be pleased.
Mr Wazoo did one quilt today, and then went outside to gather up pots and yard ornaments for the trip to Georgia on the weekend. We will have another truckload of stuff going, but much smaller than the last time. It may only take one more load after this to completely move out. The Gammills will be the last things to go. I sure hope I have all my quilts from the queue finished!!
Enjoy the photos...I got carried away taking photos of the blocks. :o)

The back is pieced, and shows the quilting up nicely

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