Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Interesting finish, and a sigh of relief

Today, I finished the quilt I had to pick out yesterday. It turned out really nice, and the holes are barely visible after a good steaming. I'm sure the customer won't even realize anything happened. Whew!
Finished quilt

A repeat of the swirls that started the whole picking bother

Boo-boos all gone!

The pieced back is looking good, too
Next, I'd love to show you a customer's commissioned quilt I sewed with my friend Terri. The customer's mother bought the kit for the quilt from Woman's Day magazine in 1981, but never made the quilt.

The magazine. It was a hoot to look at the fashions and ads.

She got in touch with me and I told her I would love to do it with the help of my quilting friend, Terri. Both of us made the blocks, Terri sewed the sashings in and put the top together, I added the pieced borders and quilted the project. Terri added the binding, and voila!, the finished product! I am going to send the picture to Woman's Day along with the story and see if they think it is interesting, too. Something new from something old...gotta love quilting!

Here is our version. We had to change one fabric because the mother (who ordered the kit) used
the original fabric for another project. Her daughter said she made the pillow, but she doesn't know what happened to it.

A different angle

Close up of the blocks and sashing

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