Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Off to Fort Myers for my class

Today started at 1AM with Molly up-chucking. At least she had the decency to wake me up to go outside to do it! We settled back in and just started to really snooze when....up again for another trip outside. Three trips later, and now 5AM, she finally felt better and went to sleep. I had to get up at 6. Yawn!!
The construction crew came at 7:15. I was out the door at 8AM and on the way to quilting fun in Fort Myers. There wee 8 ladies in the class and they were very forgiving of all my errors in the cutting instructions. (Of course, all the home made goodies they brought softened the blow, too) Once we had the instructions straightened out, everything went along swimmingly with the sewing machines humming a merry tune.
Here are some pictures of the day's activities and the beginnings of some beautiful quilts.
Linda is making a patriotic scrappy quilt

Kathleen' sewing is so organized! 

Betty is smokin' her chain piecing!

Pat's black and tan stars are stunning

Susan (yippee! another Susan!) busy giving her featherweight a workout.

Kathy drove over from Key Biscayne to take the class! Wow! 

Yet another Kathy powered through with an injured shoulder. Can't keep a quilter down!

Here are Kathy's scrappy stars

Judy is making a night sky quilt

Here is my station, chain piecing like a crazy person.

Susan is too shy to peek over her pretty stars.

Kathy is going to make pillows for Christmas.

Kathleen finished this row and has the next one almost done. You go, girl!

I love the contrast in Pat's blocks.

Linda's quilt is taking shape. It is red, white and blue, but the lighting made it look pink!

Thanks to Betty for making me feel welcome. I hope to see them all again.

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