Thursday, October 2, 2014

Slow work progress, yard sale full speed ahead!

I got in about 40 minutes of quilting today, a new record low! No, I'm not a lazy bum, I have been getting the stuff ready for the yard sale tomorrow. Mr Wazoo and I have been rummaging through all the stuff we set aside for the sale and pricing it to GO! When did we accumulate so much junk? I think it grows in dark boxes while we sleep...
The house painters are all finished and I must say, the entrance looks spiffy. The rust colored doors glam up the front nicely. Now, to get the bathroom remodeling crew here. He can't come until the 20th. Good with the bad; we have to wait to list it, but can squeeze in a quick trip to the new house with a load of stuff, and do a little leaf peeping with the tourists! Molly gets to go this time. She has never been a good rider...she cries and trembles the whole time. We haven't ever tried to take her farther than the vet or the groomer. This should be interesting. Both of our last dogs (brothers) would ride quietly, barely glancing out the window. So bored with the experience, they would curl up on the seat or floor and snooze. Maybe Molly will get tired of crying and do the same. Fingers crossed!

Early morning and the stuff is mostly in boxes, waiting to be priced

Later, the house starts looking like a flea market...stuff everywhere!

Aside from the quilts and batting on the bed, the guest room looks almost normal again!

This is what 14 years accumulated junk looks like. We had a big yard sale before we moved to Florida, and got rid of even more than this! What happened?

The dining room is full of the stuff for the quilt guild yard sale in a couple of weeks. This will all move to the garage after the big house sale tomorrow.

My snazzy new entrance. 

I hope people still watch VHS movies...I have a whole box to get rid of.

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