Tuesday, November 18, 2014

111 x 111 done!!

Wow! This was one big quilt! The best thing is, it was perfectly flat and square. I am impressed! I think it makes life better when the quilt is not only pretty, but well made, too. This one was both. The quilting took three days, 8 or 9 hours each. Well worth the effort and time. I think there is a ribbon in this customer's future.
Mr Wazoo had an eventful day, as well. He went off to see if he could get his beater of a truck fixed up, but opted for a 'new' one instead. A really nice, clean gray pick-up. The owner kept it up and obviously didn't use to to haul stuff because it has a pristine finish on the outside and in the bed. It even has a bed liner! Ooooo. I'm happy for him. That old truck was 'rode hard and put away wet', as they say.
We plan a speed trip to Georgia to drop off the truck at the house so we don't have to tow it behind the U-Haul when we move. The studio workers should be doing something, and we want to pick out flooring.Then home again lickity split to avoid being caught in the Thanksgiving traffic. I'll be glad when the running back and forth is done for sure!
Enjoy the quilts!
The big customer quilt. Very nice!

The rest of the quilt, draped over my machine table

some of the quilting


block quilting

A look at the back

Mr Wazoo did this one before getting his new truck

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