Monday, November 17, 2014

Another big quilt and a beautiful appliqué custom job.

After the two giant quilts, I thought I was done helping Tim and could get to my stuff dice! He had another huge quilt that he couldn't fit on his table. I quilted that one and told him, "No more!!" Must've gotten through because I was able to work on a pretty Piece o'Cake quilt for a couple of days. I love the orange color theme, it is really refreshing and fun.
The man did some mowing and then came back to the frame to quilt a couple of nice customer projects. We're getting closer to the end of the queue, but I am worried my last five will take awhile since they are mostly king sized. The one I have on right now is 111 x 111 !! HUGE!! But very pretty. I have been working on it for two days so far, and think I can get it done tomorrow if I work 9 or 10 hours. Another marathon day, but well worth it in the end.
The last of my big quilts done for Mr Wazoo. Notice it is dark out...took all day.

Wonderful applique quilt. Love the orange fabrics!

circles and echoes

Some of the blocks

So cute how they overlap the sashings

Even the border circles overlap!

Perky orange backing, too

Mr Wazoo struggled a bit with this one block wonder, but it is really interesting.

Nice shadow quilt. The color went funny in the photo...the red fabric looks pink!

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