Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Time flies when you're having fun...

Boy, I have been chasing myself around like a nut on fire! Last week I took a class with Bonnie Hunter (I should have been working, but I needed a break) with my quilting friend, Carole. We made the quilt called Pineapple Blossom, that you can find on Bonnie's blog, Quiltville's Quips and Snips. I had most of the body of the quilt finished in class and finished the borders after work on Sunday. I got it quilted and sewed the binding down during Downton Abbey. The photo is below.
I saw the knee doctor about my gel shots and he said they have been ordered but haven't come in yet. I guess I'm okay with that, but disappointed I won't have had them before the February retreat. I will have to settle for a no-pain quilt show instead!
I have been working along on Bonnie's yearly mystery quilt which isn't a mystery since everyone else seems to have finished theirs! The part 4 HSTs are done and need to be made into a zillion pinwheels. Part 5 looks a little intimidating, but I am determined to finish this quilt. Tomorrow is a sewing day, so we'll see how much progress I have made!
Meanwhile, I quilted another quilt for a customer, custom quilted two pillow shams for another, made a giant pot of vegetable soup (with alphabet noodles for fun) and made a batch of cookies for guild tonight. I will be giving a talk and demonstration of the judging process. (scribing, fanning and running; there's no real running involved, but I do love the name of this task!)
I think after that, I'll be pooped and ready to go to bed.
Hey, I also forgot to show you my quilt for the 'Black and White with a Splash of Color' guild challenge. I used loads of rick rack, yo-yos and buttons. It's called Black and White and Plaid All Over. Oops! Beeper went off. Back to work!!
Bonnie Hunter gave a swell talk on scrap quilting

My quilt from class...really scrappy!!

A close-up of the blocks. Next time I will have just one color for the chains,
they turned out really hard to distinguish in the pattern.

My back include the bonus blocks made when adding the triangles to the block corners

Here, you can see them better

Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 (not made into pinwheels yet) for the mystery quilt

I had to make one block just to see how it's gonna look. The other block (it's a 2 block quilt)
needs parts 4 and 5 before I can make one. Boo hoo.

This is part 5

This is the second block and the finished quilt layout.
I still have a lot of work to do.

Black and white and plaid all over quilt

Rick rack, yo-yos and buttons, oh my!

I love the zingy backing fabric!

A full gallon of home made vegetable soup. Yum.