Thursday, March 27, 2014

Better already...

I am feeling much better after Mr Wazoo did the Epley maneuver on my head two times today. Those pesky crystals must be going back where they belong so perhaps I'll get a good night's sleep and wake up normal. Or as close to normal as I ever am. Managed to do one quilt today after taking my medicine and before going to my evening guild. Resting quietly watching the Badgers play some awesome hoops.
Life is good.


Oh shoot!! Just when I need to be in high gear, I get vertigo. I had it once before when I went to Arizona to visit my daughter, and it was not pleasant. My head swims every time I turn it or look down, bend over or stand up. At least this time I haven't up-chucked. I took the drugs they gave me in Arizona, but am looking for an ear,nose and throat doctor to do the 'maneuvers' I got at the urgent care place in Arizona. That fixed me up, so I need to have it again. Not much quilting happening...I am too dizzy and unstable to operate the machine. Stay tuned for up-dates.