Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Quilting fun!

Here at Wazoo we have been quilting our little butts off trying to satisfy the customers who go back to their northern homes for the Summer. Amid the chaos, I did the taxes myself this year with the help of Turbo Tax. Everyone said it was easy, but it still took two long days to do. I'm happy, though, because this year Uncle Sam owes us some money.
Mr Wazoo is starting a beard experiment. He hasn't shaved for about a week and his growth feels like the soft side of Velcro. It is so light colored, I can't see it from a distance yet. We'll see...if it looks like his hair it will be okay, but if there is a 'skunk-stripe' look - shave it off! You'll have to stay tuned to see any change in him. I have posted a photo of what he looked like while quilting yesterday.
Have a great day! I will be playing hooky tomorrow, taking a class to make a winding ways block. Big fun!
Mr Wazoo hard at work...growing a beard as we watch

Ever have the deja vu feeling? A group of quilters all made the same project. We quilted these.

This was the only custom one. I did the quilting.

This beauty was made by a mother and daughter over two generations

here's  a bit of the quilting. She didn't want it too dense

How about this Christmasy quilt!?

hand embroidered and custom quilted

Then, if just quilting wasn't enough...a commission for a tee
shirt quilt with the late husband's tees, shorts and fabric with snakes,
turtles, sports and dachshunds.  I managed to find all four in
my stash!!

I think that's enough for one day. I think you can see we really have been working hard and will continue to do so until everyone has their finished quilts and is happy. We love making you happy!