Thursday, April 10, 2014

modern quilt, baby quilt, modern baby quilt!

Things are slowing down a bit here at Wazoo. We still have plenty of work to do, but the calls for 'hurry-up' quilting have stopped. I was surprised to see we used up three rolls of 30 yards of batting from March first to today!! Wow! That doesn't include the packaged batting we used or customer provided batting. There are many quilts done by Wazoo going to new homes this Spring, for sure.
I did a modern quilt a few days ago that almost boggled me. This modern stuff is fairly new to us, and I am still learning what looks best on them. Mr Wazoo had a more traditional baby quilt, very soft with flannel and baby animals. Then I quilted a baby quilt I made at my last retreat for a friend of my twin daughters who just had her first baby. I made it from more modern fabrics and with a geometric type pattern. I used a variation of the Baptist fan that has that modern look to it. So, a little traditional mixed with the new style. We may be geezers here, but we do keep in step with what's happening in the world of quilting...did I mention that I love my job?!

customer's modern quilt

what I came up with for the quilting

a peek at the back

Pretty baby quilt made of flannel

Angel wing quilting

My baby quilt, made from modern fabrics in a geometric pattern

Texas fan quilting

I pieced the back from strips of leftover fabric.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Quilting and beard growing progress

Another day over and three quilts in their bags and ready to go!
Mr Wazoo took a well deserved day off and worked in the yard. He does love to mess about with the plants and hardscape. He made a small patio sort of place where he will eventually have a big pot with something wonderful in it. This and some digging out and replanting took all day and made him very happy. He went off to bed at 8:00!!
I spent my day basting a quilt for hand quilting, custom quilting a smaller quilt and quilting an edge to edge pattern on a quilt too big for Mr Wazoo's table. Time marches on and we have to get these quilts done for the trip north. Frankly, I will be relieved when the exodus begins. We need a bit of a rest!
I hope you had a good day. It's been breezy and warm here, perfect for a short bike ride before work. Tomorrow will be just as nice. I had better get to bed and prepare for it!

Mr Wazoo made this. Looks a bit like a quilt block!

This quilt is made with the customer's father's ties.
I did this quilt over the weekend. Yup, I work Saturday and Sunday, too.

In the center block, she included a doily her Mom made.

Some of the quilting

I love the colors of this quilt!

The quilting is very organic to accent the fabrics. I used three different
variegated threads on the top.

Here is a look at the back, too.

Huge quilt too big for the 10 ft table. I did the panto as a favor to the gardener. Ha ha.

Hard to see, but a very nice design.

A little fuzz becoming visible around the edges...stay tuned!