Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Fourth! It's a sewing day!

I usually take off from the Gammill on holidays, and today I just did one small quilt for Mr Wazoo and then set off to the sewing machine.  My sister asked if I had seen the latest Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorial, the disappearing hourglass, and I had not. So I fired up the laptop and watched Jenny make a block. Nice star block. Thought I should be able to do this easily, right? Well, maybe...
The initial sewing went fast, sewing around all four sides of the ten inch squares and cutting them in quarters diagonally. Even the hourglass part was a breeze. Then you're supposed to measure the blocks and cut them into three equal parts in both directions. Easier said then done. Not all my blocks are equal in size, but close enough to square up to 12 3/4 inches square. So now, I am squaring them all up, then I will cut them into 4 1/4 inch segments. It's slow going, but I think the block is cool! I am taking them to Texas when I visit so my sister can see them. Meanwhile, back to work tomorrow.
Here is a picture of what I was working on before I stopped to sew the blocks. It is a beautiful quilt. I almost finished the stitch in the ditch, and will get going on the real quilting tomorrow.
Have a happy Fourth of July!

Pretty customer quilt, on hold for the day

massive amount of half square triangles

Yes, I really can sew in this mess.

All arranged and ready to go

Chain piecing makes for short work

Don't forget to press! See the little 4-patch? Perfect!

Stack of hourglass blocks to be squared and cut

I couldn't resist making just one block to see what they look like. Nice!

Mr Wazoo didn't take the day off. He quilted three quilts!