Thursday, August 28, 2014

We're getting there!

Today, I sewed the blocks together along with my friend, Anne. There were a couple of blocks with parts turned the wrong way, but they were easily fixed and now play nicely with their neighbors.
I think it's coming along well, and I am anxious to see how the next border looks.
After supper, I put together a selection of quilts I teach for perusal by the Fort Myers Guild. I love to teach and will go just about anywhere to get my quilting fix. Bring on another group of excited and happy quilters! Nothing could be better.
Tomorrow, I will be back in the studio working on the lovely stack and whack quilt I started on Monday. Now...bed!

The raffle quilt EQ mock up

The center portion sewn

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

32 years ago...seems like yesterday...NOT!!

Who would have guessed that 32 years later we'd be quilting buddies? Not me!
We spent the day sorting and packing. I got the old photo boxes. What a roller coaster of emotions I have had. So many family and friends have passed away. Seeing them smiling and vibrant made me weep. Please tell your family and your peeps that you love them and love being with them. I wish I had said it more to mine.
On a brighter note, some of the guild girls came over on Sunday afternoon and we cranked out the blocks for the raffle quilt. Yippee! Tomorrow, I meet Anne at Nifty Fifty to get it assembled. The applique squad has their stuff and should be starting on the dresden plate blocks, too. I can't wait to see it all come together.
After taking the day to do the photo thing (and, yes, it took all day!!) I am behind on the project on the quilt frame. Thursday I will be seriously working on it. The stitch in the ditch is done and I am raring to go on the quilting. Right now, I am enjoying a glass of wine with the anniversary boy.
Ciao, baby!

Egad! I certainly was younger...

So was Mr Wazoo. This was before mustache

How stylish are these outfits?! We look like circus clowns!

Everybody's happy when the cake comes!

Blocks ready for sewing together.