Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Just one more!

We have been very busy here at Wazoo, quilting and packing for a speed trip to the new house over the Thanksgiving weekend. Mr Wazoo is completely finished with his line of quilts, and I only have one more to do. He is banging away in the studio, taking apart the small storage racks we keep near the machines for our supplies. I am down to one plastic container for my necessary stuff. The quilts are all down from the walls and most of the paintings, too. It looks bare in here!
Little Molly got her green sock off today and went straight to the groomer!! She really needed a bath and a haircut. I can't wait to see the transformation.
The last few custom orders were all beautiful and a pleasure to quilt. The first was a giant ocean themed quilt, with blocks and borders all related to the sea. I had to do a little surgery on one of the borders, but you can't see it, so I guess I did a fine job! The second quilt was a smallish red and tan pieced beauty. Loads of pieces! The customer wanted stitch in the ditch for the border, feathers in the triangles and a meandering feather in the body. It turned out really nice. The next quilt was for my friend Carole. We took a class for the hummingbird quilt from Darlene Zimmerman, and she got hers done...mine is still in pieces in a bag. This sweet quilt was fun to do and turned out very pretty, if I do say so myself! Then I did a table topper for my friend Christine. She does hand embroidery, but can't sew a lick. I did the quilting and put on the binding. I can't imagine letting anyone put down a dish on this quilt, so I think it must be for show only.
Mr Wazoo had his share of work, too, but I had to do one of them because the customer wanted the borders all done differently. I call that low custom. Mr Wazoo calls it impossible. I finished it this morning and then went off to the store for our Thanksgiving food. We are having a nice steak, baked potato and salad for Thanksgiving dinner!! No vegetarian tofurky for this couple...and a cheery pie for dessert. Yum. I plan to veg out with the Macy's parade and lounge in my jammies until noon. My day off.
I hope everyone out there in Blogland has a wonderful holiday. I'll see you on the flipside!

Big mariner quilt

Pretty red and tan scrappy quilt

Carole's hummingbird quilt

She even pieced the back.

Christine's table cover

Quilt too big and too difficult for Mr Wazoo. He'll get there some day.