Monday, December 1, 2014

Working in Georgia

 Everything is going swimmingly here in Georgia, plus the weather is beautiful!! Molly and I have taken a walk up and down the mountain every day since we got here. The hills are killer, but the view is worth it.
From the top, looking down the next big hill

On the top of the mountain

Quarry on the adjacent mountain

Through the woods looking east, there are two roads in the picture, too!
across the range toward Blairsville

After our walk, I began painting the guest room in preparation for the new mattress delivery on Tuesday. Tim did the trim work from the ladder, and I did the rest. We are ready for the delivery tomorrow.

The happy yellow color of the guest room
Why would a builder paint bedrooms tan?!(See the color we covered over the window)

Tim gives the wall a final roll-over

We took a couple of photos to show where the house is located on the mountain. Do you see the house?

Now, do you see it? Hint: The peak of the house is what you are looking for.

Here is the same road, as seen from my deck.

The road where I took the house picture. My driveway is in the foreground
A closer view

We will be back in Florida Wednesday to finish up the packing and the last quilt. The first weeks in December will be a blur with all the things we have to do and all the people we have to say a proper goodbye to. It is all moving at what seems lightening speed to me. Are we ready? We'll see!