Monday, January 19, 2015

All fabric is unpacked!! At Last!

Finally, I am unpacked. Just when I thought I had all the boxes unloaded and the stuff put away, Tim found two more! I never thought I could get sick of fondling fabric, but I reached my limit and was anxious to be done with it. While unpacking the last boxes, I felt guilty for having so much fabric and put together a box of yardage and panels for the new group I have joined. They make the kid and nursing home quilts. I love making these quilts, so I thought I would give them a boost with some new, colorful fabric to use.
Tim has been busy making the trim for the design wall and a slat for hanging my Perkiomen Nine Patch quilt. That class was a misery to take, but the quilt turned out pretty and bright, so I wanted it in the studio. It may not be my best constructed quilt, but it one of the most cheerful ones. The other quilts in the studio are small wall quilts either I have made, or were made for me by friends. Every one makes me smile. That's what I like about them!
It was such a lovely day today, we took a ride into town and went to lunch at my favorite barbecue place, and then to the Home Depot for the supplies needed to make the ironing surface for the studio. It will be wonderful to have the room done and not have projects hanging over our heads. Tomorrow, the blinds come and will be installed everywhere but the living room. They are not in yet. We have been without curtains or blinds since buying the house. No more feeling like we're in a fishbowl!
Here are the latest pictures. We are nearing the end of the job, and it is looking wonderful. I can't wait to load up a quilt and start my machine humming!

The view from my sewing table. Perkiomen in all its glory!

Looking toward the door from the design wall side of the room.

My sewing corner

Fabric wall, pantos and thread

looking toward my machine from my sewing corner

Soon to be office corner. My notions cabinet just fits next to the bathroom door.

The design wall and office corner from my sewing desk.

thread and tools behind Tim's machine

Quilts in the bathroom, too!

some of my quilts and quilt tops stored in the bathroom

The view from Tim's machine.


  1. I would only leave that room for food! It is wonderful!

  2. Hey there, fellow Union County, Georgia quilter! I would like to know when you are going to start in on some long arming. I am ready to roll with some of these tops.~Michelle

  3. Welcome! We're so happy to have you and Tim here and I'll look forward to meeting you soon.



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