Saturday, January 24, 2015

customer work in progress

I have been working for a couple of days fixing a quilt that my customer's mother in law started and just couldn't figure out how to finish it. She had never made a quilt before and wanted to make one for her granddaughter's birthday. To complicate the gift even further, she decided to make a tee shirt quilt. Unfortunately, she didn't know about stabilizing the shirts and made quite a stretchy mess of it. I spent the first day taking it apart, the second and third days painstakingly unrolling the curled up edges and applying interfacing and cutting the shirts to usable pieces. Today, I was able to get the project going on the design wall. I have three vertical rows put together and two more to go. Then I am going to make the back out of the rest of the shirts. (there are LOADS of shirt-pieces to use!)
Here is what I have so far. Now I am off to bed to dream about tee shirts....

C'mon back to see what happens with the circles!

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