Saturday, January 3, 2015

No go quilt show...

First, I must give a nod to New Years in the new house. I did manage to stay awake until midnight, and then went off to bed, ready to start the new adventure in 2015.

Molly didn't make it...neither did Tim!

2015! Woo hoo!

My first selfie of the new year. ha ha

The new quilt shop opened and Stephanie and I made the trip to town to check it out. I totally forgot to take any pictures in the shop, but will do that the next time we are there. The grand opening isn't until the 15th, so I will snap some pics then.
I bought some 30s prints (even though I have an entire box of them) to add some appliqué to a top I have somewhere in the garage boxes. We'll get to that in a minute... I also got some coordinating fabrics to make a valance for the kitchen window, and two fabrics to make a quilt I saw on Jenny Doan's site.

I thought you might like a peek into the studio, which is almost finished. We are just waiting for the flooring to come, and our contractor says it should be here next week! Yippee! Once the floor is in, we can start taking the machine parts and shelving units in. I am so looking forward to getting going with my quilting again. It has been too long!

Trim is done, walls all painted and the lighting is wonderful!
Looking from the front door, the bathroom is in the corner. We even have TV!

Its a dismal day outside, but that didn't stop Mike from working.

From my sewing area looking back toward the garage. This area is where the machines will be.

and that's it! The ceiling fan will keep us cool in the summer.

The bathroom pocket door saves space.
The only downer this week was trying to locate my quilts for the show. The deadline was yesterday, and poor Tim spent the better part of the afternoon unstacking and restacking boxes, looking for the one with quilt tops in it. Of course, I thought we would be in the studio by now and finding the show quilts would be a whiz, but that didn't happen. We never found the right box, so I will have NO quilts in the show. This will be the first time since joining the Peace River guild that I haven't had any of my own quilts there. My customers will have some quilts in the show, so I don't feel quite so bad. Just really bummed out.

The quilts are in one of those boxes. We just had to find the ones that said 'QUILT TOPS' on them. Easy, right?
Not so much...the elusive quilts stayed lost.
Hopefully, next week this will not look like this.
 Well, there are new quilts to be made and new shows ahead to prepare for, so why not look forward and not dwell on what could have been? It is a new year, and I am ready to make a mark in it!

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