Thursday, February 5, 2015

Another UFO finished!

Update from this morning...I finished the next UFO in the pile and have the blocks done for the spontaneous wall hanging I started on the weekend. It sure is fun to have some time to sew.
The stitch in the ditch is done on Barbara's quilt and the quilting starts on Friday. Tomorrow, I will be sewing! Happy, happy, joy, joy!
Ta-da! The blocks are done and on the design wall. This is the block and colors we chose for the barn quilt!

My latest UFO all finished. I did get the binding sewn down, too. :o)

Mr Wazoo did the quilting, so not all the finish was mine...

Here's the back. How cute is that?

Barbara's lovely quilt, ready for the magic to begin!


  1. You sure are getting a lot of UFO's done! Good for you! I am only on my fourth UFO for the year. It takes a lot longer to quilt them on my home sewing machine than it does on a longerm, but I am a tortoise and I will just keep plugging away!

  2. There are 32 more to do! I think I will be finishing UFOs forever, since I keep making tops!


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