Friday, February 6, 2015

Customer finish and barn quilt progress

Yesterday's sewing was fun, but Stephanie and I were the only ones there! The leader of the group came after lunch to see if anyone showed up, and that's when we learned we were not on the email list, so didn't know the sewing had been cancelled. Oh well, I had a great time sewing and visiting with my friend, so it was all good in the end.
Trying to meet new quilting friends is a challenge when they don't meet very often. The next sewing day is when I will be in Florida for the show, so I won't see any quilters until the next guild meetings. Boo hoo!
Today, I worked on Barbara's quilt and finished it late in the afternoon. Her quilts are always imaginative and beautiful.

This is the back!

Meanwhile, Tim painted layers and layers of yellow paint on the  barn quilt, trying to get the primer covered. It seems yellow doesn't cover well, and is the most difficult color to apply, according to the paint person at Home Depot. After I finished Barbara's quilt, he was still painting, so I sewed the blocks together on the real quilt that matches the barn quilt. All I need to do now is quilt it!
The fabric version
The plywood 'quilt' with painting in progress

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