Saturday, March 28, 2015

A twisted tale...

This will be a short post, and not about quilting. When I say I had to drive the twisty, turny road, I was not kidding! Today, Tim and I had to go to Gainsville,GA to have my car serviced...down the twisty, turny road. I tried to shoot some pictures as he drove, but they can't give you the true roller coaster effect you get driving the road. Take a look.

It goes this way...

then that way...

Ooooo! this way again...

Are the mountains getting shorter? Noooo! We are going up!

Sharply that way...

Whoa! Wiggly road sign this way...

That way and this way!...

Six crosses at this un-guard railed turn...not a good sign.

Yes, the road does tilt up and down as we hit each corner

Hmmm...the mountains are getting really short looking now

Are we at the top yet?!

Signs don't lie! On this curve we turned totally back to the way we just came from!

Yippee! The top! And it is also where the Appalachian Trail picks up. There were hikers and tourists here.

I can't imagine climbing Blood Mountain on foot! Yesterday, there were two guys on bicycles here. Yikes!!

The view from the top

The sign says 'Runaway Truck Ramp Next Right"

Here it is. No trucks today. It is all downhill from here. I will spare you the photos. They are just like the 'up' ones!

Great Barbeque here. You can smell their butts for miles. Or so the sign says.

One mile from the turn to our house. That was a fun ride.

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  1. Yeah, isn't that trek over the hill something else? I've only done it a couple of times since I'm still new to the area, but it's not something I look forward to and is a deterrent to visiting that shop in Dahlonega very often.


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