Saturday, March 14, 2015

Almost finished!

 I awoke today revived and refreshed and ready to sew! The block parts were just as I left them on my sewing table, so I set to work.

The quilt looked pretty easy in the book, but I still managed to nip some corners when joining them together. It's a utility quilt, so I won't let it bother me. Next time, I will add a scosh more to the setting triangles in the blocks. Otherwise, I think the finished block is cute!

When they were all done, I put them on my handy dandy design wall and moved them around until The arrangement was pleasing to me. Here is the final arrangement.

Once I had them sewn together, I figured the quilt was a bit small, so I added a little border. I like it. I hope to get it quilted tomorrow and do the binding in the evening while relaxing to TV noise.

Oh yes! I remembered to upload the photos of the giant ASAP quilt, too. The maker told me when I called her that it has 5324 pieces in it. I don't count my pieces...I hate math.

When I got back from it, I could see it looked like a wedding ring quilt!

While quilting, it just looked like a load of pieces!!

I love the color combination! The quilt is for a young adult girl, so I used a modern design for the quilting.The lime green thread is subtle, and looks great.

Mr Wazoo spent the day painting doors again. The weather was warm, if overcast, and he was able to work on the outside of the bedroom french doors. Yesterday, he quilted this one for my sister. Don't you think the big floral is perfect here? Another beautiful quilt from Texas. Yee hah!
He also tried our new bear claw panto on a flannel quilt for another customer.

My sister's quilt.
Love big print flowers!
Donna's soduko flannel bear quilt
The bear foot prints show up really well on the back!

It felt nice to sew for a while and I think once a week I will do just that! Someday I will retire and sew all the time, but for now, I will work on customer projects, give talks, teach classes and enjoy meeting more quilting buddies here in Georgia. Yup, life is good.

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