Sunday, March 15, 2015

Beautiful day in the mountains

Today was a truly beautiful day! Blue sky, light breeze, 76 degrees. Molly and I enjoyed a stroll to the top of the mountain, and then it was time to sew.
The top was finished, as you know, but I decided to use the leftover blocks and bits to spice up the backing. I really don't know what goes on in my brain to think this took an hour to figure out the math and sew all the bits into a useable piece, but after that, it went smoothly.For the quilting, I chose a panto called 'Fork in the Road'. It added just the right amount of texture to this modern looking quilt.

All done but the hand stitching!

Hobbs 80/20 batting adds nice definition. Plus, it washes nicely and wears well.

The funky bits back

Tim had a good day, too. Any time he gets to go outside and play, he is a happy camper. Today, he put in one of the new rhododendrons we got a couple of weeks ago. I had to smile at him working the hard clay and handling the bags of compost in order to have his new baby thrive. He does love to do yard work and gardening!

One bush in...working on the second hole.

The Christmas tree looks tiny in the big space, but it will grow.

Hey! I am also ready for the next guild meetings. Ta da!
This is my Misty Mountain badge. I made our barn quilt and sewed it to the side of the mountain, in a spot where our house would be. The pin is the guild pin.
This badge is for the Pieceful Mountain Quilt Guild over in Blue Ridge. it had to include a mountain, a tree and a bear. Thanks to Stephanie, I had a little bear with his nose in a can! Cute!

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