Friday, March 13, 2015

Gloomy outside, happy inside!

Last night we had such a wind storm. I think there is such a thing as a wind storm...if there is, we had one! Poor Molly roamed all over the bed, trembling and periodically yipping when the house would creak or the doors jiggle. Not much sleep for anyone. (Except Mr Wazoo, who is pretty deaf and sleeps through everything) It is still windy, but not so loud, so I hope tonight we all get a good snooze.
Once in the studio, the mail carrier brought the quilt I was waiting for that had to be done ASAP for a Florida customer. This was at 10:30a.m.. By 1:30, I had finished the quilting (edge to edge), Tim boxed it up and it was on the way back to Florida! I did remember to take a picture, but the camera is in the studio, and I am too tired to go get it. Tomorrow, I will post the pictures. The quilt is 104 x 104!
Yesterday, I worked a quilt for another friend and customer. Linda makes beautiful and interesting quilts, and this one was no exception.
Linda's pretty oriental quilt

I love the 'ghost' cranes in the sky and in the dark mountain part, too

She even oriented the bamboo correctly to grow bottom to top.

a peek at the back

Well, this has been a rambling post at best. I am pooped and need to turn in. Tomorrow, I will work on a quilt I started today after work. Everybody needs a day off sometime! Saturday will be mine.
Good night!

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