Thursday, March 5, 2015

Gray, gloomy day...but I am happy!

It may be foggy and gray outside, but I am so happy today! I finished most of the killer quilt yesterday and have just one side to go to be done. I am hoping the pillow shams go without trauma so I can get on to another fun project. Learning is always a given when doing something that you love, and there will always be uncharted territory when it comes to my longarm quilting journey. I wish it hadn't happened on a customer quilt, but when just about all the quilting I do these days is on customer quilts, it was hardly avoidable. On to the next!
Almost done!
Mr Wazoo hasn't been idle; he keeps on quilting like the Energizer bunny!

I did the repair on the lone star quilt top last night while relaxing. Next step: sewing in the corner squares and setting triangles! Off to work!
Three pink diamonds, all sewn in .

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