Saturday, March 7, 2015

Neat little light and quilting, of course!

 I thought I would show you the neat little light I got on Amazon for my longarm. It has a bendable neck and is attached to a strong magnet which holds on tightly to the side of my machine. When I have it shining across the quilt instead of straight down , like the built in light, it makes working with white on white, black on black and even the red on red in this quilt much easier to see! I love it. Too bad I didn't know about this light years ago. I don't know how long the bulb(s) last, but they are very bright and don't get hot. I have the cord snaked beside the machine and around the back handle, then down to an extension cord to the surge protector. It moves along nicely with the machine.
This is all there is to it. On/off switch on the magnet part

This is how I have it for quilting. It shines across the quilt, right where I need more light.

With just the machine light

With the new light

Light on...easy to see where I need to be quilting

Machine light only...the quilting is lost on the background.

Of course, we got some quilting done, too. This is the quilt of valor for my customer Carol A. She did a fabulous job with the embroidered header commemorating her family member's service in Viet Nam. It is really a striking quilt. I'm sure he will love it!
quilt of valor

A peek at the back

Mr Wazoo finished the quilt he put on yesterday at quitting time. It has been a good day, and now I think some Kielbasa, cabbage and a baked potato sounds like a fine dinner! Until tomorrow...
Terri P.'s frog and turtle quilt

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